For more information, visit our the ELEMENT website — www.elementpemf.com
Hello everyone and welcome to our Blog Page for the ELEMENT.  We are excited about of the ELEMENT because it is a Pulse Electromagnetic Field therapy device that is very powerful yet has a small form factor.  But what excites us the most is the low cost we have been able to achieve for such a quality machine.  
The ELEMENT has taken the PEMF experience to a whole new level as one of the most powerful devices that exists, allowing you to choose from long, low intensity sessions to short, deep penetrating high intensity sessions…or anything in between.  It was our goal to create the best machine available at the most affordable price and we truly believe we have accomplished that goal.
A really cool feature of the ELEMENT is its chassis, even though it is one of the most powerful units available on the market today, it is also one of the smallest in size. This allows you to have the unit set up and ready to use at all times because it will comfortably fit on a nightstand or end table.
Our coil design is advanced beyond the typical coil.  It is engineered to make the most of the power the chassis has to deliver.  It’s made slightly oval to better fit over the head and slightly curved to better comfortably contour to the body.  It will deliver the magnetic field where you want it and at the level you need it.
Stay tuned to our Blog.  Along with continued postings about the ELEMENT, we will also be posting all kinds of information on subjects such as:
* Proper use of PEMF
* How and why PEMF works
* PEMF session types and how they differ
* Busting the myths of some sellers in the industry
* Success stories from users
* and many more

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Belinda Rigby says:

    Hi I was wondering if you have a UK distributor

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    • I am sorry we are not at the point where we could even ship world wide yet, and no distributors yet either. The ELEMENT is a very sensitive scientific instrument and shipping in the US has taken a while to get them to clients safely. Oddly enough the USPS handles them the best so far.


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