Can my kids or pets be in the area when I am using the ELEMENT?

Kids and pets, no problem (other than the same ones that also apply to adults). In fact, one of our customers purchased his ELEMENT to use on his dog!  As with all modalities, if the child is not able to communicate the reaction they are having, PEMF should be used only with supervision and by recommendation of a qualified health practitioner.

If you are using PEMF on yourself with kid and pets in the area, and you are in doubt about their reaction to it, just make sure they are beyond 4′ from the coil.  The magnetic field, although it might be very strong at the coil, is so weak out around 4′ that it affectively is no there.

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I’ve heard the amplifier on one of the very expensive brands fails. How protected is the ELEMENT circuitry?

With three levels of protection…a “protect mode” built into the amplifier to protect against over driving the amp, a heat sensor that shuts the system down if it gets too hot, and a thermal circuit breaker…the electronics are not only rock solid but are also well protected.


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Why is the ELEMENT coil so big?

The magnetic field produced by PEMF coils will vary greatly based on their size. Just like with speakers producing a sound field. You would not expect to be able to play music to a room full of people with a set of ear buds. They are just too small to hear unless they are right in your ear. With PEMF coils, the same holds true for the magnetic field. If you want the field to penetrate deep into your body where it is needed, it must be large enough to create a large magnetic field.  The size, wire gauge, and number of turns will also have an impact on the “response curve” — the range of frequencies it will reproduce — and it just turns out to take this large of a coil to get the best response curve.


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What kind of software does ELEMENT need?

We don’t force you to buy and use our own software. There are dozens of programs available for Android®, Windows®, iPad® and iPhone®s with more appearing all the time. Many are free! Just Google “PEMF software” to learn about all of the possibilities. One easy to use program for Windows systems is FreX16.  The current site for downloading it is going through some changes right now.  Contact us for the best site to download it from.  You can download it free to check it out and if you like it you can purchase it through us at a discount.

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Frequency of Frequencies


We are often asked, “How often can I have a session?” To put it another way, “How frequently can I do frequencies?”  That would depend on a few factors.

Let’s assign a number to the frequency that you can do frequencies. If 7Hz is a frequency meaning 7 beats per second, and we relate one day of frequency of frequencies being equivalent to one second of frequencies, then to say we have a frequency of frequencies of 7 would be to have a session once a week.  In this same way, the Schumann frequency of frequencies would be 7.83 days, which would be to coil at noon on Sunday and then not again until the following Monday at 10 after 8 in the morning! (approximately)

Sorry if I made you dizzy with all that! I know it made my head spin.

Seriously, though, I wish I could tell you how often is right for your situation. Trouble is, I can’t.  First off, I don’t know your situation completely enough to do so.  Also, we are not practitioners so it would be improper to give this type of advice.  In the end, we are all pioneers in this area, we are all self-medicating, and we are all the only one who knows enough about our individual situation to actually be able to put all the factors together.

We can talk about general principles, and there are a few that will help you decide how much, or how often is right for you.

  1. Running sessions for general health improvement, such as for blood circulation, pain reduction, or improved body function, can be run more often than for pathogen fighting sessions. The general consensus in the materials we’ve read is these types of sessions can be run several times per day.
  2. Pathogen fighting sessions should start out slow and low…meaning not as often and at low volume…and work your way up to more frequent sessions at higher volumes, all depending on the success rate of your detox protocols in eliminating the die off. As your body allows, you can work your way up to 2 or 3 sessions per day.
  3. When running pathogen sessions, always run each frequency for at least 3 minutes.
  4. We have not seen any general consensus as to whether more frequent sessions at lower volume is better or worst that less frequent sessions at higher volumes…or any variance between the two.
  5. This thing you hear about called “frequency fatigue” seems to be a real thing…at least in our experience. When it will happen for you compared to others we can not say. What we can say is you should be aware of it, and when it starts having an effect on your sessions, then take a break from sessions for a day. Julie runs three days on and one day off which avoids frequency fatigue for her. Your cycle might be different. FreX16 actually has frequencies for frequency fatigue. We find they do work. Julie also finds that running 8.3Hz and 10Hz for 5 minutes each works just as well as the frequency fatigue set within FreX16.

It’s our hope this information will result in the question of frequency of frequencies being asked less frequently…oh, Lord, did I really say that?

Author: Bob Bridges

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Setting yourself up for success


Let’s talk about a couple tricks to help make your ELEMENT sessions a better experience. These ideas come from all over, we pass them on to you.

Idea #1:

Get a notebook. You would be surprised at how much this simple thing can improve your results. 

Log the following:

  1. frequencies you are running,
  2. duration for the session,
  3. if you are using one or two coils,
  4. placement of the coil(s),
  5. time of day,
  6. medications or supplements you are taking,
  7. any dietary changes,
  8. most importantly, log how you feel right after a session and then log how you feel the next day before your next session, with special attention to particular frequencies that maybe give you a headache or gives you a feeling of euphoria.  When I run my sleeping routine, I use sets for diabetes, inflammation, circulation, and neuropathy…plus I add calming on the end with 1875Hz added in. You guessed it, 1875Hz gives me euphoria. Makes my session so much better.

By doing this, you will be able to check back and see where things are working and where there needs to be improvements. I was able to ween off opiates by tracking how my intake was going down over time.  It also gave me a target to shoot for.  For those dealing with pathogens, you may want to add in logging what your detox protocol was for the day.  After a while, you will start to see some correlations in things that you never though of before, like noticing how much difference the time of day might make.  The more information the better so long as it doesn’t get overwhelming and burdensome.

Idea #2:

Dave passed this idea along to us. If you want to run frequency sets that have low frequencies, like 20Hz or 40Hz (both very common), and you want to run as high a magnetic field strength (volume) as possible…both of which will tend to make the coil get hot…store the coil in the refrigerator (or a cooler) until you are ready to use it.  By starting out with a much colder coil, you can help prevent it from overheating by the end of a session.  Thanks, Dave!

Idea #3:

You should run your detox protocol for a minimum of three days before starting any session that targets pathogens. Then, once you begin pathogen sets, also run circulation to help the body evacuate the material.  This will help to minimize any herx reaction you would have.  Thanks, Donna, Wendy, and Laura!










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“Ham”letting it up a bit


The Play Scene in 'Hamlet' exhibited 1842 by Daniel Maclise 1806-1870


Two coil, or not to coil – that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous disease or to take up PEMF against a sea of troubles and by opposing coils end them.  To coil, to sleep – no more – and by coiling at sleep we end the back pain, and the thousand natural maladies that flesh is heir to.  ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.  To coil, at sleep – to sleep – perchance to dream of wellness: ay, there’s the rub.  For in that sleep with coiling what dreams may come. When we have shuffled off this second coil, must put FreX16 on pause. There’s the respect that makes calamity of so long a session.  For who would bear the warming coil over time, th’ frequencies wrong, the program’s contumely, the pangs of coil separated love, the buffer’s delay, the insolence of Windows 10, and the spurns that patient merit of th’ duration takes, when he himself might his quietus make with a needle in a bare buttkis?  Who would fardels bear, to grunt and sweat under a weary session, but that the dread of some other disease, the undiscovered co-infections, from whose bourn no coiler recovers, puzzles the will, and makes us rather bear those sessions we run than to fly to others that we know not of?  Thus the ELEMENT makes coilers of us all, and thus the native hue of resolution is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of square wave, and enterprise of great pitch and volume.   With this regard the current returns and loosens the wave in action.

by Bob “the Bard” Bridges

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It’s all about customer service!



This is a subject I feel must be touched on. One of the big complaints we hear about is companies having a lack of good customer service.  Not just PEMF companies, but generally all companies.  If you think about it, you will be extremely impressed by any company that does give good customer service!  It’s because they are rare.  If they were common place we would expect it and not be so impressed.

We do our very best, given the constraints of pricing the ELEMENT as low as we do such that we just don’t have the budget to actually pay anyone to fill the position of customer service. I find it very interesting that, although people complain about not getting good customer service from other companies and want to be able to talk to a real live person to get their questions answered, yet for some reason hesitate in giving myself of Bob a call when invited…actually encouraged…to do so.  Wait, what?  I really am having a hard time figuring this out.  We don’t bite.  We will never give you a hard sales pitch.  That’s just not our way.  So why don’t people call?

I think I do understand at least part of the circumstances. In this day and age of technology people get in a mode of what appears to be the convenience of texting or messaging their questions.  Trouble is, few stop to add up the time it takes to use the technology in this way.  Think about the amount of time you spend typing a question.  Then, when you get a reply, the amount of time added to type out your clarifying question.  Now double that amount of time to include our responses to your questions.  Because it’s not much time at each stage people don’t think about the total time consumed.  A quick phone call can get it all done in one shot…quickly.

So, don’t be shy. Personal interaction is a marvelous thing.  Give us a call.

Julie’s number: 425-737-3005 (not so great on Tuesdays)

Bob’s number: 425-343-7976 (10am to 10pm Pacific time, 7 days a week)

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Is PEMF allopathic or holistic?

We don’t really address this question directly. Instead, we think of PEMF as one or the other and act accordingly without tying our thinking to one or the other.  What I mean by that is we don’t stop to think what it means to approach things from an allopathic frame of mind or a holistic frame of mind so we just act without defining or understanding the approach itself.

Allopathy is “a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies (as drugs or surgery) producing effects different from or incompatible with those produced by the disease being treated. In other words, the typical western medicine approach to fighting disease by looking at the disease alone, as if it has no bearing on, nor is a result of the rest of the body, diet, lifestyle, environment, etc.

Holistic is “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.” Holistic medicine looks at the entire system realizing disease often results from problems in other parts of the body, or from poor forms of diet, lifestyle, environment, etc.

It begs the question: Is PEMF allopathic or holistic?

Many think of it as allopathic and run frequencies to combat a particular disease while doing little or nothing about the underlying cause of the disease. Some diseases have a known cause, such as those caused by a pathogen which tends to put people into the mindset of it being allopathic in an effort to rid themselves of these pathogens.  At other times, people will run frequency sets in strings.  For example, someone might run a pathogen fighting frequency set followed by a blood circulation frequency set, a detox frequency set, an immune system boosting frequency set, and just for good measure throw in an inflammation frequency set.  They might think they are taking a holistic approach in doing so but they would be wrong.  Really, since all frequency sets are allopathic in nature, they are taking a string of singular allopathic punches at the various aspects of their health without ever considering the overall system or the problems resulting from a major part of the system being in distress or out of balance.  That “system” includes all of the things mentioned above: the body, diet, lifestyle, environment, etc.

The answer to the question is; PEMF can be, in and of itself, neither allopathic nor holistic. It is, rather, merely a tool that can be used with either approach.  As an allopathic tool, it’s easy to understand.  However, as a holistic tool one needs to regard it as just one of the many factors one puts into their lives to improve their health or rid themselves of disease.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll (dare I?) say it again…the ELEMENT is just one element of good health.

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Frequencies played at the same time don’t combine

This one goes out to our young friend Trevor who asked why frequencies played at the same time don’t combine and give us a different frequency altogether. This is a great question, and reasonable too.  We all know that adding yellow and blue results in green.  Likewise, adding hot to cold begets warm. Heck, if you mix sweet and sour you get Skittles…but that’s for a different article!

So why don’t frequencies combine to create a new frequency that is the sum of the original frequencies?   The answer lies in what a frequency is.  With color, the pigments all combine to reflect a different wavelength of light which our eyes see as a different color.  With water, the energy held in the hot is released to the cold until they find balance at warm.  With Skittles, well nobody really knows for sure.  Frequencies, at least in the audio range, are made up of pressure waves through a medium, such as air.

Here are graph representations of a low and a high frequency:

low freq

high freq

The graph from left to right is time. If the amount of time between the beginning and the end of each graph is one second, then we would say the top one shows 1Hz, or one cycle per second.  The bottom graph would then be 18Hz, or 18 cycles in the same one second.  Each time the “wave” is above the line it is creating high pressure in the air, and each time the “wave” is below the line it is creating low pressure (both being relative to the air pressure in the area when no sound is being created).

In the graph below, we show high pressure areas of the 18Hz frequency with a blue line and the low-pressure areas with a red line. To simplify, we show these blue and red lines as they relate to only the high-pressure part of the 1Hz cycle, but the same would be true continued on into the low-pressure part of the cycle.

two frequency graph

When the high-pressure of the first peek of the 18Hz frequency (1+) is combined to the high-pressure of the 1Hz cycle straight above it (meaning they are being played at the same time) they add because they are both high-pressure. However, when the low pressure of the valley following that peek (1-) is combined with the high-pressure of the 1Hz above they subtract since one is high-pressure and the other is low-pressure.  Another way to say this is when you put a little bit of high-pressure from the 18Hz with the high-pressure of the 1Hz the result is the addition of both.  But, when you put a little bit of low-pressure from the 18Hz with the high-pressure of the 1Hz the low-pressure wants to find equilibrium by taking some of the high-pressure away from the 1Hz.   The result is the 18Hz frequency riding on the wave of the 1Hz frequency.   We hear, or in this case “feel” the 18Hz frequency because it is still there…just undulating up and down with the 1Hz frequency.  We also still feel the 1Hz frequency because it is what is causing the undulating of the 18Hz frequency.

If you think about it for a minute, you’ll be happy that frequencies work this way…otherwise, all frequencies would combine to a single monotone. We would have no music!  We would not be able to pick out our own child’s laughter out of the drone of monotone from all of the sounds around us combining.  Not even when it’s a giggle over Skittles.

So Trevor, we’ve all been using the wrong term when we say, “play combined frequencies”, since they don’t.   All along we should have been saying, “play simultaneous frequencies”.













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