About Bob Bridges

Having had a 45+ year career in electronics manufacturing, Bob found himself in the position of being able to fulfill a lifetime desire, that of contributing something meaningful to humanity.  First introduced to PEMF technology when contracted to be the first manufacture of the AmpCoil, he dove deep into the study of all things PEMF.  After AmpCoil, he co-developed the original ELEMENT and successfully put together a business plan to launch it’s production.  When, after a year of steady growth, his co-developer decided to separate so he could make more money, Bob re-developed the ELEMENT, now called the Tiverton Audio ELEMENT, by being the first to include two coil connection jacks on the chassis.  His continued efforts to lower costs, improve manufacturing efficiencies, and streamlining all processes has allowed for the inclusion of the second coil without raising the price to the customer.

Bob likes cats, and oddly enough cat all seem to love him.  He loves a great joke, digging deep into understanding any subject he encounters, and is a spreadsheet master.  (Julie made me write this!)

About Julie Nichols

After having raised, as a single mother, a daughter who was not supposed to live for two days yet is now in her late 30’s, and having a long career as a teacher, which included many years teaching gifted students, Julie was introduced to PEMF at the same time Bob was.  Makes sense…they are married.  Julie’s forte is two fold, research and interacting with people.  This stands to reason on both accounts.  She was raised by a physicist/chemist father who specialized in research and spend many years in his lab.  Her compassion for others appeared almost as soon as she could talk and served her well in coordinating all manner of things regarding her daughter, not just with doctors but with all aspects of her daughter’s life.  Reinforced through teaching, she was a natural at dealing with difficult students, parents, and other teachers.  As with many subjects that have come her way, Julie immersed herself into PEMF, Lyme, (having already done so with diet and cooking healthfully) and all related things to the degree that she now knows more than most about these subjects.  Applying her talents and education to the ELEMENT mission, Julie started, developed, and runs both the this blog and the FaceBook group for the ELEMENT as the “visible face” of her commitment to excellence in customer service.  Along with that effort, Julie spends uncountable hours doing research for others and to improve her own understanding of PEMF.  This is all being done while being a care giver for her daughter, her nearly 90 year old mother, and making sure that Bob and the above mentioned cat are properly fed.

The ELEMENT Mission
If you really want to know the truth…
Out of our desires to give to humanity, the ELEMENT was born with an enterprise mission of providing the best possible PEMF system at the least possible cost in order to really provide a healthful alternative for those who are suffering.  Beyond just a high quality, low cost machine, the ELEMENT mission is to provide the best possible support for the use of it, along with general education of PEMF and the dissemination of new information or research as it becomes available.  
Bob is way cooler!
For more detailed information on Bob Bridges, please visit his LinkedIn page.

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