The Developers

The ELEMENT is the next advancement is PEMF technology. It was co-developed by Larry Langdon of Sentient Light and Bob Bridges of Tiverton Audio. Larry, as a sufferer of Lyme disease, used his long time and high-end experience as an electrical engineer and programmer with companies such as Intel and Microsoft to develop a previous high powered PEMF device, thereby relieving himself of this debilitating disease. When it came time to take his original machine to the next level, he teamed up with Bob, who as an entrepreneur and business owner has been in structural design and manufacturing for over 40 years, to create a new line of advanced PEMF machines at an affordable price. Larry remains the lead system designer and is in charge of all electronic structures, control programming, and incorporating the newest advanced technologies available today. Bob is the structural and cosmetic designer, watches over purchasing, and applies his many years experience to create manufacturing environments with efficient production techniques to meet the challenges of affordability in the marketplace.
If you really want to know the truth…
Larry, having had Lyme disease himself, and through the involvement of Lyme groups and forums, realized that sufferers of such debilitating diseases are usually the people who need help the most but who are also the ones who can afford it the least. Bob, having made his mark in the audio world, had been seeking for some time a way to truly help people rather than just provide products for their entertainment. Out of the desires of both Larry and Bob, the ELEMENT was born with an enterprise mission of providing the best possible PEMF systems at the least possible cost in order to really provide a healthful alternative for those who are suffering.
Bob is way cooler!
For more detailed information on Larry Langdon or Bob Bridges, please visit their LinkedIn pages.

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