What is the difference between a Rife machine and a PEMF machine?

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The term “Rife” is used both broadly and narrowly.

Broadly, the term applies to any frequency therapy no matter what the delivery method is including plasma light, electromagnetic field, direct electrical stimulation, audio stimulation, etc. If it transmits frequencies to the body in some way, it falls within the broad use of “Rife”.

The term comes from “R.I.F.E” (Resonant Initiated Field Effects), a term coined by Dr. James Bare D.C. who pioneers research in biology and warm fusion plasma instruments using frequency therapy, in honor of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, an American scientist working in the 1920s who discovered that each disease or condition has its own electromagnetic frequency, and that finding that frequency and producing an impulse of the same frequency will kill or disable diseased cells. Dr. Rife created The Rife machine (also called the Rife Frequency Generator) to facilitate his research with frequencies. The Rife machine has been reproduced ever since by researchers and followers of Dr. Rife and his work. It is constructed using a plasma tube using the light emitted from them as a means for transmitting the frequencies to the body.

The narrow use of the term, sometimes called “true Rife” refers to the use of such plasma machines. The frequencies used with these machines can range from 12,000Hz to about 20,000,000Hz (20 Megahertz) or cycles per second. The narrow use of the term “True Rife” is therefore a subset of the broad use of the term “Rife”. All dogs have tails but not all tails have dogs, you know.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is also a subset of the broad use of the term “Rife”. This term refers to any frequency therapy that employs an electromagnetic field as a means of transmitting the frequencies into the body. This category of Rife machine will in turn break down into two basic groups, those machines that will play frequencies ranging from .1Hz to 50Hz, and those machines that will play from around 5Hz to above 10,000Hz. PEMF machines that play only 50Hz or below will help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation, depending on what particular frequencies the machine will play (some play only one frequency). PEMF machines that play the wider frequency range up to 10,000Hz are much closer to the range of the original Rife machine and can debilitate pathogens and diseased cells, largely due to the countless hours PEMF researchers have done to translate the frequencies that Dr. Rife used down into the audio range that these machines can reproduce. Researchers have also worked to discover the electromagnetic frequencies of diseases and conditions that are in the audio range independent of Dr. Rife’s work. This includes Doug MacLean, who in the 1990’s invented the Doug Machine, or Doug Coil as it is also known, to eradicate his own Lyme disease. Doug, having never heard of Dr. Rife, discovered on his own that frequencies would debilitate the Lyme spirochete. His machine used an audio amplifier to send frequencies to a coil of copper wire creating an electromagnetic field around the coil. Although his range of frequencies (from ~20Hz to 2800Hz) was not as wide as the typical PEMF machine based on his design, he is considered to be the father of all modern PEMF. Doug MacLean advanced the field of frequency therapy beyond the work of Dr Rife. Dr. Rife only researched metabolic diseases (illnesses that originate within the body), such as cancer, and used the frequencies to disable the diseased cells. Doug used the frequencies to disable the Lyme pathogen (illness that originates outside of the body). Researches have since discovered frequencies specific to many pathogens.

With that background of understanding, you can now see that the difference between Rife and PEMF machines is that Rife machines (meaning only “true Rife” in this usage) use frequencies embedded in plasm light with the body being immersed in the light, while PEMF machines use frequencies embedded in a magnetic field with the body immersed in the magnetic field, both as a way to deliver frequencies into the body.



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About Julie Nichols

I'm a retired elementary teacher who has diabetes and had an accident in which I fell in a wheelbarrow...yes that's right a wheelbarrow! Between the two I sustained considerable nerve damage. Then one day Larry Langdon came to my home with a PEMF device he developed and had for his Lyme disease, after one session I was pain free for five days. This lead me to research PEMF ( Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and I found that it has been around for at least 40 years. I have found that NASA has done thousands of studies and uses PEMF, as does the military. It is also well known and used throughout Europe. This is the beginning of my journey into PEMF the rest of my journey you will learn about through this blog. In the end it's about making this technology available to everyone for general health improvement.
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