Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields


Life Rhythm as a Symphony of Oscillatory Patterns: Electromagnetic Energy and Sound Vibration Modulates Gene Expression for Biological Signaling and Healing

David Muehsam, PhDcorresponding author and Carlo Ventura, MD, PhD
This research paper is really worth the read if you don’t have time to read the entire article at least read the introduction and conclusion.
The data point toward a new paradigm that reconciles this disconnected situation. Such a new paradigm would be capable of unifying a variety of disciplines and revealing the interconnections between the living world, the social world, and the physical universe. Such a paradigm, based on interconnectedness, implies a deep transformation of the human-nature relationship, holds the promise of imbuing science with a greater sense of meaning, and is likely to help bring about a significant shift in medical and therapeutic approaches.
David Muehsam PhD
Time for
It seems to me PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is one of the tools that is sometimes seen as mainstream and other time seen as alternative. As a therapeutic approach its label of alternative causes medical professionals and the general population to shy away from its use. In my mind this is a horrible disservice to those that can benefit from its technologies
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About Julie Nichols

I'm a retired elementary teacher who has diabetes and had an accident in which I fell in a wheelbarrow...yes that's right a wheelbarrow! Between the two I sustained considerable nerve damage. Then one day Larry Langdon came to my home with a PEMF device he developed and had for his Lyme disease, after one session I was pain free for five days. This lead me to research PEMF ( Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and I found that it has been around for at least 40 years. I have found that NASA has done thousands of studies and uses PEMF, as does the military. It is also well known and used throughout Europe. This is the beginning of my journey into PEMF the rest of my journey you will learn about through this blog. In the end it's about making this technology available to everyone for general health improvement.
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