What is on your heart?

How do you know when to tell somebody something about them, that you can see and they can not. How do you know when you should tell them or even if you should tell them. And how do I know if someone sees something in me something that is to my disadvantage that I do, will they tell me.? I know one of the reasons that I don’t tell them, I’m afraid to hurt their feelings. It might make their feelings feel a lot better in the long run if they know this truth about themselves, but it might hurt them to know it. None of us like for our hearts that are already on our sleeves to be stumped on again by something that feels like a criticism. But what if it’s not criticism what if it’s something that they see that if they were aware of it they could change their lives, make them happier really. It is the ultimate goal with people that you love isn’t it? To make them happier.

I guess now we must find what makes us happy…. think about it for a minute what makes you happy? Well I’m going to stick my neck out there just a bit right now and say that my Studies have taught me something and when I talk about my studies I mean the things that I have experienced in my life and the things that I have learned from them happening to me. And everything that I have read and every experience that I’ve ever had with another human being, everything in life comes down to relationships, this is the thing we want the most, this is the thing we love the most… your mother your father, your brother, your sister, your aunts, and uncles, your grandparents, your cousins…this  is a lot of people and then friends who are family. Our loved one, our partner, our Numero Uno, you know the one that stole our hearts and we gave it to them freely because we couldn’t even stop ourselves from doing it.

Life comes down to relationships and everything that we do we do because we want something out of our relationships. Maybe we want more of them, maybe we want to be respected, loved, cared about, looked after even. Certainly I know we want to be heard and accepted for exactly Who We Are although face it… that’s a hard one.

So then you have to look at who we are to people, to the people we love, to the people we want to be in a relationship with. Do I want them to love me? yes I do! do I want them to respect me. yes I did do! Do I want them to laugh around me, yes I do! I love my family just like everyone else loves their family I love my friends just like everyone else loves their friends. Sometimes the people we love don’t love each other…that’s going to playa role like it or not.

I hope that if people see something about me something that is not genuine, something that is not real.  I hope they will tell me. You see I know that this life is about relationships. And I know that I want to be impeccable in my relationships but alas I am not. But anyone who has known me knows that I have a tremendous amount of love to give, and I like to make people I love happy. I wish I were successful a larger percentage of the time, so it will be a goal.
So then I will wait until it seems like the time is right time. If I see something about somebody, that they’re doing in their own lives that is causing them to not have what they want. I tell them look to your relationships and be honest with yourself and as real as you can be, you will find it there.

Peace In,



About Julie Nichols

I'm a retired elementary teacher who has diabetes and had an accident in which I fell in a wheelbarrow...yes that's right a wheelbarrow! Between the two I sustained considerable nerve damage. Then one day Larry Langdon came to my home with a PEMF device he developed and had for his Lyme disease, after one session I was pain free for five days. This lead me to research PEMF ( Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and I found that it has been around for at least 40 years. I have found that NASA has done thousands of studies and uses PEMF, as does the military. It is also well known and used throughout Europe. This is the beginning of my journey into PEMF the rest of my journey you will learn about through this blog. In the end it's about making this technology available to everyone for general health improvement.
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