Subtle Wisdom


Don’t push the river, it flows on its own.   ~Chinese proverb

Sometimes we just can’t wait.  We feel we must make things happen…now!  It’s OK to be a driving force to get things done.  But too often we don’t stop to realize there are many things in life that shouldn’t be rushed…can’t be rushed if you truly want the best outcome.  Part of having good balance in life is knowing when we must let the course of events unfold as they should, at their own pace and time.  Learn to step back and enjoy the flow of the river, and of life.


About Julie Nichols

I'm a retired elementary teacher who has diabetes and had an accident in which I fell in a wheelbarrow...yes that's right a wheelbarrow! Between the two I sustained considerable nerve damage. Then one day Larry Langdon came to my home with a PEMF device he developed and had for his Lyme disease, after one session I was pain free for five days. This lead me to research PEMF ( Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and I found that it has been around for at least 40 years. I have found that NASA has done thousands of studies and uses PEMF, as does the military. It is also well known and used throughout Europe. This is the beginning of my journey into PEMF the rest of my journey you will learn about through this blog. In the end it's about making this technology available to everyone for general health improvement.
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