The time is short, the truth needs to be known

by Bob Bridges

Every so often I come across a video of someone spelling out reality in a video better than I ever could in an article.  This is one of those times.  If you want liberty, or even just want your humanity back, I urge you to share this with as many people as you can.

This guys from Ireland, but he speaks for the world.

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A wise man once said…

by Bob Bridges

There are many endings to that title.  We all know a few.  Most of them are plain common sense, something that seems to be greatly lacking in our “leaders” right now.

Here’s a man who’s not afraid to speak some common sense.  I thought it was worth sharing.  If you do too, please share it wherever you can.


If this isn’t enough common sense, then let’s look at some statistics:

  1. According to the WHO about 1.5 million people world wide die of Tuberculosis every year.  TB is very contagious, yet we have never locked down the economy for that.
  2.  According to the WHO and CDC, the fatality rate for COVID-19 is 0.6%.  That means 99.4% of the people who get the virus will NOT DIE!
  3.  80% of deaths occur in people who are 65 or older and with comorbidities.  How about we protect them so the rest of us can go on with our lives?
  4. There is not a single case of a child infecting a teacher…in the entire world!  If a teacher is over 65 with health conditions, maybe we could let them stay home for the season?
  5. The WHO estimates 1.5 million people around the world will die of starvation due to the poverty created by the lockdowns.
  6. According to the CDC, deaths due to untreated illnesses and suicides are now greater than the deaths due to COVID-19.
  7. COVID-19 hospital admissions are going down, but strep admissions (from wearing masks) are way up.









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Is your right to choose harming others?

by Bob Bridges

We hear all kinds of “science” about whether wearing a mask or not wearing a mask is better.  Likewise with shutting down society, demands of “sheltering in place”, and the closing of businesses.  Because of this, the debate will sometimes move into the area of our natural right as a human being to choose, which also happens to be protected by our Constitution.  They say we are being selfish if we choose freedom over dictates from government.  If we still had that right, how would I choose?

I would choose to get the virus if it meant one person would not loose there business and livelihood.

I would choose to get the virus if it meant one person would not be made homeless because they lost their job.

I would choose to get the virus if it meant one person would not commit suicide because of financial ruin or complete isolation.

I would choose to get the virus if it meant one child would not be abused by an acholic parent who was forced to stay home.

I would choose to get the virus if it meant one animal was not harmed by a frustrated owner.

I would choose to get the virus if it meant one elderly person did not die alone without their family by their side because they are not allowed to choose to visit.

I would choose to get the virus if it meant kids could be kids, go to school, and not be traumatized from all the fear.

I would choose to get the virus if it meant one person would not die because they could not have an unrelated illness treated.

It is estimated that the lost years of life from government actions and mandates in this country is now double that of the disease itself, even though is has a 99%+ recovery rate.  The UN themselves estimate that government lockdowns around the world will put enough people in poverty to cost another 1.5 million lives.  Historically, way more people die from the actions of government than any other reason.  I could argue all other reasons combined.  How is taking away the right to choose working out?  How would you choose?  Is it time to restore freedom and the right to choose before government actions destroy more lives?  Can we afford to gamble the government mandating a vaccine and how many lives that will cost?  Shall we all be presumed guilty of transmitting this disease, much like the witch hunts or inquisition, rather than the presumption of innocence that truly free people have?  People will always die, but which is causing the greater harm, freedom and the right to choose or the government denying freedom with dictates?

You may say, “Well, I choose to wear a mask to save others.”  That’s fine, it should be your right to choose.  Just like it would be your choice to close your business, or self isolate.  But if you agree with government dictating your choices to everyone, you also have to be OK with all of the results I listed above.  In order to “protect” the 10 people around you, you must be OK with the suicides, child abuse, and/or financial ruin of 20 people you don’t know that are a direct result of government mandating your choice to all.

If you want to see the future of where this is all going, I cannot say it any better than this YouTuber:



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We need some good news…

by Bob Bridges

Well, here it is!  More information from the “other side”.

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Medical freedom does not live in a vacuum

by Bob Bridges

As we approach July 4th, 2020, the day we celebrate our freedom, I believe we need to grasp just how unfree we really are.  More importantly, we need to understand the agendas in place that continue to remove what liberties we have left.  These agendas are being ushered in using the excuse of a “pandemic”.  We need to not let the fear generated by those with agendas convince us to give up our liberties in general, because if we do, there will be no medical freedom.

Recently, I’ve come across two videos, one that exposes the “pandemic” itself and one that shows how we are being conditioned to accept additional destruction of our liberties by use of the “pandemic”.  They are both well worth your time to watch if you have any desire to learn what’s really going on with this “pandemic” and you want to maintain your overall freedom so you can have medical freedom.

Here are the links:

I’m adding this one that I just found today…it’s great!

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It’s not just your medical freedom at stake!


by Bob Bridges

With all of the draconian measures that have been put in place over this supposed pandemic, it’s important to get a handle on what this means for us ongoing.  Those who are in the alternative therapy arena support medical freedom, the right to make medical choices ourselves rather than being commanded what to do by those in positions of power, both inside and outside the medical industry.  In this light, I believe it is important to disseminate information so you have both sides of the argument and can come to an educated conclusion for yourself.  One of those sides is being crammed down our throats, so to speak…here is a bit of the other side:

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Facts don’t care about your feelings.

By Bob Bridges


I’ve known the author of this next video for a few years now, and followed his work on the sun and space weather for almost a decade.  I rarely meet people who can grasp the bigger picture as well as Ben does.  If you want to get a reality check on what this lockdown is going to do it’s worth your time to watch.

If you find this interesting and would like to know more about the sun, space weather, and their effects on the planet, Ben’s YouTube channel is well worth following.

Please like and share this with everyone you can…the truth is out there, but the lies are killing us!









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PEMF is noninvasive, unlike vaccines


by Bob Bridges

It’s really important to have good information these days.  Probably more important than ever before.  Over the course of the next few articles, I will bring to you information I believe is important for you to know regarding your health, propaganda about the current disease, and anything else I think will benefit you in these times of mainstream misinformation and deceit.

Most of these offerings will be links to videos I think are really worth your time to watch. I use these videos because the producers say it much better than I could, and I want them to get the credit for their work.  I leave it to you to determine for yourself the validity of what they have to say.

Here’s the first one to watch regarding mandatory vaccines and your right to refuse.  It’s a good one! (you may need to paste this into a browser).

If you got something from this video, please like and share it with others.



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Is there evidence PEMF can debilitate pathogens?


There are plenty of anecdotal accounts of PEMF destroying pathogens, but is there any real evidence?

Well, there is, albeit pretty scant this early in the reawakening of the technology. It’s not so much that there is lots of direct evidence, although there is some. It’s more a matter of putting all the puzzle pieces together and see what the picture looks like.

The first piece of the puzzle is that it’s well known everything has what is called a “resonant frequency”. A singer breaks a wine glass by matching its resonant frequency with her voice. By doing so, it excites the glass to osculate at that frequency much like a tuning fork. Given enough power in her voice the osculation exceeds the ability of the glass to hold together, so it shatters. Will this same note break a different type of wine glass? No, it won’t. Why not? Because the different type of wine glass has a different resonant frequency. The resonant frequency of any particular object is based on its structure, its size, shape, and the material it’s made from. Have you ever noticed that most of the singers who can break wine glasses are female? Why is that? It’s because male singers can’t sing high enough notes to match the resonant frequency of the wine glass.

What does this mean when considering PEMF machines? It means that one of the criteria you need to consider when asking if PEMF can destroy pathogens should be what the frequency range of the machine is. Most of the PEMF machines on the market will only play up to 50Hz. They will help with symptoms like pain or inflammation, but they will do nothing to the pathogen. They simply won’t play frequencies high enough to match the resonant frequency of the pathogen. When pushed, sellers of these limited machines will admit to this. There are some machines on the market, like the ELEMENT Elite by Tiverton Audio that will play the needed frequency range. Here’s a link to the CAFL that shows the frequencies you need for lots of different pathogens:

Some of the limited, below 50Hz machine sellers will do their best to convince you that only their type of machine is real PEMF and therefore PEMF cannot kill pathogens. By definition, it is simply not true that only their machines are true PEMF. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. That means any machine that uses an electromagnetic field (like what is created by a coil) is by definition PEMF, and full range PEMF machines like the ELEMENT Elite by Tiverton Audio can play the frequencies that match the resonant frequency of pathogens as listed in the CAFL.

The next puzzle piece we have to fit into the larger picture is Doug MacLean, the father of modern PEMF and inventor of the Doug Coil, or Doug Machine as it is sometimes called (one of the machines on the market that will play high enough to match the resonant frequencies of pathogens). Doug discovered the frequency needed to eradicate his Lyme disease by getting samples of the Lyme spirochete from the CDC and watching them under a microscope as he applied different frequencies. He looked for two things, the particular frequency needed to osculate the Lyme spirochete (it’s resonant frequency) and the intensity of applying that frequency to osculate it to destruction. Like the singer finding the right note and singing loud enough. This one is a pretty big piece to the puzzle. Other researchers have done the same with other pathogens, but unfortunately, they haven’t gone as public with it as Doug has. Still, given everything has a resonant frequency, if it works for Lyme, why not other pathogens?

Then we have this. It’s a TED Talk by Dr. Anthony Holland showing that frequencies can be used to destroy cancer cells.   Although it’s a very large puzzle piece when it comes to frequency therapy, it’s a small puzzle piece when it comes to PEMF as a modality of frequency therapy. It does reinforce that everything has a resonant frequency and that matching that frequency can destroy cells. Yes, the frequencies used by Dr. Holland were way above the audio range needed for PEMF, but we also know that the harmonic of a frequency can work as well and there have been lots of researchers who have translated the higher frequencies as used by Dr. Holland down into the audio range that are usable with full range PEMF machines. Still, this one is only a tiny puzzle piece when it comes to the bigger picture of PEMF being able to destroy pathogens.

Another piece of the puzzle is the number of Herxheimer reactions people are having. You can’t have a Herxheimer reaction unless pathogens are being killed. There are cases when something else is occurring that mimics a Herxheimer reaction, so it’s not actually a Herxheimer reaction at all. But it isn’t always just being mimicked and therefore at least some of the reactions are real Herxheimer reactions, which in turn shows that PEMF can kill pathogens, if the correct frequencies can be played. Here’s a couple links to articles on how to tell the difference between a true Herxheimer reaction and other things that mimic a Herxheimer reaction:

Last, for now, are the anecdotal stories. Each is a really, really tiny puzzle piece, but added together they make a big difference in our ability to see what the assembled puzzle looks like. If there were just a handful of these anecdotal stories, they wouldn’t add up to anything beyond a minuscule piece of the puzzle, but because there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of them they add up to a major piece.

So, is there proof that PEMF can destroy pathogens? There is never really “proof” of anything, only a preponderance of evidence to convince the observer of what they believe. As time moves forward, there will be more evidence that PEMF can destroy pathogens, but for now, it is up to each of us to decide if there is enough evidence that we believe it can. For some, this is enough evidence to convince, others will need more. For me, it’s enough to believe it’s extremely likely to the point that it’s worth using the technology so long as you use a machine that will play the proper frequencies.


If you got something out of this article, please like and share…others may find if helpful too!

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What is the difference between a Rife machine and a PEMF machine?

FAQ sign. Question icon. Help symbol. on green background. illus

The term “Rife” is used both broadly and narrowly.

Broadly, the term applies to any frequency therapy no matter what the delivery method is including plasma light, electromagnetic field, direct electrical stimulation, audio stimulation, etc. If it transmits frequencies to the body in some way, it falls within the broad use of “Rife”.

The term comes from “R.I.F.E” (Resonant Initiated Field Effects), a term coined by Dr. James Bare D.C. who pioneers research in biology and warm fusion plasma instruments using frequency therapy, in honor of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, an American scientist working in the 1920s who discovered that each disease or condition has its own electromagnetic frequency, and that finding that frequency and producing an impulse of the same frequency will kill or disable diseased cells. Dr. Rife created The Rife machine (also called the Rife Frequency Generator) to facilitate his research with frequencies. The Rife machine has been reproduced ever since by researchers and followers of Dr. Rife and his work. It is constructed using a plasma tube using the light emitted from them as a means for transmitting the frequencies to the body.

The narrow use of the term, sometimes called “true Rife” refers to the use of such plasma machines. The frequencies used with these machines can range from 12,000Hz to about 20,000,000Hz (20 Megahertz) or cycles per second. The narrow use of the term “True Rife” is therefore a subset of the broad use of the term “Rife”. All dogs have tails but not all tails have dogs, you know.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is also a subset of the broad use of the term “Rife”. This term refers to any frequency therapy that employs an electromagnetic field as a means of transmitting the frequencies into the body. This category of Rife machine will in turn break down into two basic groups, those machines that will play frequencies ranging from .1Hz to 50Hz, and those machines that will play from around 5Hz to above 10,000Hz. PEMF machines that play only 50Hz or below will help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation, depending on what particular frequencies the machine will play (some play only one frequency). PEMF machines that play the wider frequency range up to 10,000Hz are much closer to the range of the original Rife machine and can debilitate pathogens and diseased cells, largely due to the countless hours PEMF researchers have done to translate the frequencies that Dr. Rife used down into the audio range that these machines can reproduce. Researchers have also worked to discover the electromagnetic frequencies of diseases and conditions that are in the audio range independent of Dr. Rife’s work. This includes Doug MacLean, who in the 1990’s invented the Doug Machine, or Doug Coil as it is also known, to eradicate his own Lyme disease. Doug, having never heard of Dr. Rife, discovered on his own that frequencies would debilitate the Lyme spirochete. His machine used an audio amplifier to send frequencies to a coil of copper wire creating an electromagnetic field around the coil. Although his range of frequencies (from ~20Hz to 2800Hz) was not as wide as the typical PEMF machine based on his design, he is considered to be the father of all modern PEMF. Doug MacLean advanced the field of frequency therapy beyond the work of Dr Rife. Dr. Rife only researched metabolic diseases (illnesses that originate within the body), such as cancer, and used the frequencies to disable the diseased cells. Doug used the frequencies to disable the Lyme pathogen (illness that originates outside of the body). Researches have since discovered frequencies specific to many pathogens.

With that background of understanding, you can now see that the difference between Rife and PEMF machines is that Rife machines (meaning only “true Rife” in this usage) use frequencies embedded in plasm light with the body being immersed in the light, while PEMF machines use frequencies embedded in a magnetic field with the body immersed in the magnetic field, both as a way to deliver frequencies into the body.



If you got something out of this article, please like and share it…others might get something out of it too!

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