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It’s that time of year once more.  A time of rejoicing and giving.  We are rejoicing in better health and want to help give the gift to others.  For the month of December, purchase an ELEMENT and save $200.00 off the price when you mention this post or call me at 425-737-3005



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Extremely high levels of magnetic field strength in PEMF machines.

There are a few brands of PEMF machines on the market that claim to have 30,000 or even 45,000 gauss.   This makes them sound impressive indeed, but is it real?  We can easily determine this by investigating the magnetic strength of another well known system, the MRI.
The HowStuffWorks web site has this to say about the strength of a typical MRI and the dangers resulting from that magnetic strength:
“The biggest and most important component in an MRI system is the magnet. The magnet in an MRI system is rated using a unit of measure known as a Tesla. Another unit of measure commonly used with magnets is the gauss (1 Tesla = 10,000 gauss). The magnets in use today in MRI are in the 0.5-Tesla to 3.0-Tesla range, or 5,000 to 30,000 gauss. Extremely powerful magnets — up to 60 Tesla — are used in research. Compared with the Earth’s 0.5-gauss magnetic field, you can see how incredibly powerful these magnets are.
Because of the power of these magnets, the MRI suite can be a very dangerous place if strict precautions are not observed. Metal objects can become dangerous projectiles if they are taken into the scan room. For example, paperclips, pens, keys, scissors, hemostats, stethoscopes and any other small objects can be pulled out of pockets and off the body without warning, at which point they fly toward the opening of the magnet (where the patient is placed) at very high speeds, posing a threat to everyone in the room. Credit cards, bank cards and anything else with magnetic encoding will be erased by most MRI systems.
The magnetic force exerted on an object increases exponentially as it nears the magnet. Imagine standing 15 feet (4.6 m) away from the magnet with a large pipe wrench in your hand. You might feel a slight pull. Take a couple of steps closer and that pull is much stronger. When you get to within 3 feet (1 meter) of the magnet, the wrench likely is pulled from your grasp. The more mass an object has, the more dangerous it can be — the force with which it is attracted to the magnet is much stronger. Mop buckets, vacuum cleaners, IV poles, oxygen tanks, patient stretchers, heart monitors and countless other objects have all been pulled into the magnetic fields of MRI machines. Smaller objects can usually be pulled free of the magnet by hand. Large ones may have to be pulled away with a winch, or the magnetic field may even have to be shut down.
Prior to allowing a patient or support staff member into the scan room, he or she is thoroughly screened for metal objects — and not just external objects. Often, patients have implants inside them that make it very dangerous for them to be in the presence of a strong magnetic field. Metallic fragments in the eye are very dangerous because moving those fragments could cause eye damage or blindness. People with pacemakers cannot be scanned or even go near the scanner because the magnet can cause the pacemaker to malfunction. Aneurysm clips in the brain can be very dangerous as the magnet can move them, causing them to tear the very artery they were placed on to repair.
MRI magnetic fields are incredibly strong. A watch flying off an arm and into the MRI machine is entirely possible.”
You can see from this that PEMF machines can’t possibly be producing 30,000 gauss, or 3 tesla, of magnetic field.  If they were, they would have to have all manner of safety protocols for their users.  If they are making such claims because they can get their machines to produce these high levels of gauss under certain conditions, such as only one particular frequency for a millisecond, then they are grossly misrepresenting how much continuous gauss can be achieved…they are affectively lying to their customers by leaving out the details.
Secondarily, and just as telling, is what hospitals have to do in order to even have an MRI machine in terms of power.  We did the research on the magnetic field strength.  Now go do your own research on the electric power structure that is needed to run these huge machines and ask yourself, “can the PEMF machine who is claiming 30,000 gauss possibly do that with just a 270 watt system?”
In this photograph, you can see a fully loaded pallet jack that has been sucked into the bore of an MRI system.

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AmpCoil’s voice diagnostics, a closer look.

The first thing to understand is that voice diagnostics is not yet possible.  Here’s an article from MIT that pretty much spells that out:


Another article says it will take thousands of voice samples of people with a particular disease to really get a handle on voice diagnostics just for that disease.  Now, duplicate that for thousands of diseases!


Think about the implications of that…thousands of diseases times thousands of voice samples!


Once you realize the BetterGuide app cannot truly diagnose disease (or at least to believe it does is to believe that a marketer and a software programmer can achieve something that scientists at MIT cannot) then you have to ask yourself just what their “voice diagnostics” is really doing.  Even if we were to allow they might get it right (even if by chance), the app does not show you the actual frequencies it is running!  Do you really want to trust that they are giving you a true diagnosis and are putting together the proper frequencies to deal with your issue?  On top of those troubles with their system, you also don’t have any control over the BetterGuide app.  Two people with the same illness can take the same antibiotic and it will work on one but not the other.  The same goes for PEMF and frequencies.  Sometimes you have to adjust or try a different frequency (typically a harmonic of the frequency that isn’t working for you).  Without the ability to control the frequencies in the BetterGuide app, most people end up abandoning it in favor of some software they can control.  Likewise, if you have a real diagnosis and know what illness you have, you don’t need the BetterGuide app, so why pay such an exorbitant price for it? In our honest opinion, the BetterGuide app is not only bogus, it’s actually dangerous since people are lead to believe it is accurate and might not get a true diagnosis of their disease until it’s too late.

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What frequencies do I need to use?

What frequencies do I need to use?

PEMF frequencies break down into two basic groups, below 100 Hz and above 100Hz.

Frequencies below 100Hz are referred to a “cell signaling” frequencies and will help with disease that originates from within the body (breakdown of normal body functions).  They tell your cells to do things they would otherwise be doing naturally if your body systems were working optimally but for one reason or another are not.  This could be caused by many things such as compromised immune system, lack of proper diet, injury (such as a broken bone), environment, and so on.  Frequencies in this range can aid in improved blood circulation, better digestion, relieving inflammation, reducing pain, and the healing of body systems that are not damaged beyond healing.  For example, the FDA has approved the use of PEMF for bone healing.  The frequency used for this is 76.6Hz.  Although there are many cell signaling or healing frequencies above 100Hz, the most basic and general wellness ones are in the 100Hz and below range.

In the frequencies above 100Hz you find the “resonant frequencies” of pathogens.  If you have disease that originated from outside the body (bacteria, viruses, or generally all pathogens), the only way PEMF will affect them is to use the frequency that matches their resonant frequency.  It causes them to vibrate to the point of destruction.  The resonant frequency of virtually all pathogens is well above 100Hz.


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How long does it takes to get an ELEMENT?


How long does it takes to get an ELEMENT?

We don’t invest in raw parts or finished inventory, so we don’t have to have a “return on investment” for those things like most companies.  We can pass that savings on to you, and in fact, this is how we save you the most.  This is referred to as manufacturing “to order” rather than “to stock”.  This also saves the cost of space for, and the management of, inventory, which also helps lower the price.  We take orders all month and close the batch on the last day of the month.  Then it takes from 3 weeks to a month to buy all the parts for, and build that batch.  We invoice $1000 down when you place your order and the balance plus shipping when the machine is ready to ship.  In essence, during the last week of each month, we ship all of the units sold during the previous month

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The ELEMENT has been so well received that although we build them as fast as we can, we are now finding ourselves at capacity.  We don’t even have to advertize since all of our customers come to us by word of mouth.  We would love to expand but there are a couple of things hampering that process.  First, we want to keep the price as low as possible and have decided to expand at a slower pace in order to do so.  And second, in order to maintain the highest quality standards, our PEMF machines are all built by experienced technicians who take time to find and train.  Even though we are doing our best to meet demand, we have to allocate units on a first come, first served basis.  We are currently shipping in 4 to 5 weeks.  You can reserve your place in line for an ELEMENT with $1000.00 down.

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The ELEMENT specifications


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Comparison Chart

The ELEMENT  compared to other brands of PEMF machines




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Detox- Herxheimer Effect

Named after German physician Karl Herxheimer, M.D., Herxheimer’s Effect (or Herx, for short) basically can be a side effect of any antibiotic treatment, be it pharmaceutical, herbal, colloidal silver or long exposures to Rife technology when first starting out. When these mechanisms kill microbes faster than your eliminatory system is able to remove them, it manifests itself generally with flu-like symptoms. These can include headaches, soreness/swelling in joints, swollen glands, bloating, constipation, and numerous other discomforts.
Drink Water!
Many people are in good enough physical/systemic condition to not have any noticeable indication of Herx. Those who are generally well (but not totally healthy, and many do not realize this), are surprised by and anxious to get rid of the discomfort. Relief will generally come within a few hours of stopping the medication/therapy and drinking large amounts of water to help the system flush the toxins out. Hopefully the patient will resume the treatment at a lesser dosage or exposure, again slowly increasing.
Drink lot’s of water!
However, many who have experienced long term chronic illnesses look forward to these side effects, as an indicator that what they are doing/taking is working, and try to maintain a tolerable level of discomfort until they effect submission / remission of their condition.
Seriously, drink lot’s of water!
Long-term Candida sufferers are most likely to experience this effect of the ‘die-off’ of large numbers of organisms. This is because Candida is so often overlooked and therefore has ample time to wreak havoc on the immune system and digestive tract, reducing the ability of one’s body to handle the ‘die-off’. Many Candida victims have reported no undue symptoms, but it is well to be prepared mentally for the possibility.
When using Rife technology, at first go-slow. A few frequencies totaling 10 to 15 minutes is wise. Wait for a day to see how you feel. If you don’t feel any of the above symptoms the next day, it would be okay to run another session with more frequencies added. If you do have a Herx Effect, wait until it has passed before continuing the Rife treatments.
I’m not kidding, drink lot’s of water, water can change your life.
This article is reprinted from the Frex=16 software
Water splashing into glass
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Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields


Life Rhythm as a Symphony of Oscillatory Patterns: Electromagnetic Energy and Sound Vibration Modulates Gene Expression for Biological Signaling and Healing

David Muehsam, PhDcorresponding author and Carlo Ventura, MD, PhD
This research paper is really worth the read if you don’t have time to read the entire article at least read the introduction and conclusion.
The data point toward a new paradigm that reconciles this disconnected situation. Such a new paradigm would be capable of unifying a variety of disciplines and revealing the interconnections between the living world, the social world, and the physical universe. Such a paradigm, based on interconnectedness, implies a deep transformation of the human-nature relationship, holds the promise of imbuing science with a greater sense of meaning, and is likely to help bring about a significant shift in medical and therapeutic approaches.
David Muehsam PhD
Time for
It seems to me PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is one of the tools that is sometimes seen as mainstream and other time seen as alternative. As a therapeutic approach its label of alternative causes medical professionals and the general population to shy away from its use. In my mind this is a horrible disservice to those that can benefit from its technologies
Help each

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