What a year it’s been!


As 2018 ends and 2019 begins, I wanted to do a review of the last year, and my use of the ELEMENT.  Probably the most important thing I have learned in that year is the importance of hydration.  You know, fat puffy cells being able to osculate in their most efficient and magnificent way.  When I really started to take this SERIOUSLY, I definitely saw and began to reap the awesome benefits of water.  Hydration is, after all, taking in water from an array of sources.  Some of the food sources that will hydrate you the best are cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple, oranges, cantaloupe, peaches, strawberries, bell peppers, zucchini, blueberries, spinach, carets and cauliflower.  If you take in your water by drinking, well, water, one way to help absorb more of it and aid the liver in detoxing is to add fresh lemon.

In reviewing the use of the ELEMENT over this past year, the issues I have been working on are 1) neuropathy, 2) Diabetes, 3) restless leg syndrome, 4) insomnia, 5) depression, 6) sciatica, and 7) severe back pain.  The neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, sciatica, and sever back pain are mostly from nerve damage due to diabetes, but complicated by a back injury I suffered a few years ago.  I’ll go through each of these issues, the use of PEMF on each, and the results I’ve experienced so far.

Before getting into the particular things I’ve been working on, I would like to lay out that when it comes to PEMF, the routine I have established over the past year, which for most of that time has been very consistent, is within each week I take one to two days off (when it’s two, they are consecutive days), I coiled this way six weeks on and one week off through the year, and after coiling for 11 months took one full month off.  These periods of time off not only let my body rest and recuperate from the treatment, but almost as important is that it gave me time to access the improvements, or at least changes, in the status of those things I was, and am, working on.  That’s how I know what’s real and what’s not real.



One example of seeing the improvement is with my neuropathy.  For me, neuropathy causes pain, a feeling of freezing (normally, people get a burning sensation), and a feeling of being on pins and needles in my feet…along with constant twitching of my toes.  Before I was introduced to PEMF, my toes had been involuntarily twitching for more than two decades.  After my first treatment with PEMF (it’s been a few years ago now), the twitching went away for about one month.  In fact, it was because of this that I told Bob at that time we must get involved with this technology.  I wasn’t able to get my own machine until a little over a year ago and was only getting occasional relief when I could use a machine from time to time.  Even once I got my own machine, for the first half of this past year, I did frequencies for neuropathy only once in a while.  The twitching would return after a few weeks (none of the other feelings ever did come back).  Then I learned that I needed to really work on it consistently if I wanted to accomplish actual nerve repair…really get at the cause of the problem.  I ran FreX16 pre-programmed frequency sets for “Nerve, disorders and neuropathy” but also added from Z-App “Myelin rebuilding sequence”.  For four months of the second half of the year I did just that.  I moved on to other concerns during November and rested my body from all PEMF treatments for all of December.  Now I have a chance to access the results.  My toes have not twitched for the two months that I have not done any neuropathy frequencies!  Two months without this is a miracle when compared to the more than two decades I lived with the condition.  I will watch it closely but I really am thinking I won’t have to do much more than a bit of “touch up” every six months or so.  We’ll see, and I’ll let you know in a future post.



For a bit of background, I have been a diabetic for over 30 years.  The longer you have a disease, the longer it takes to get it under control.  I used “Diabetes 2” from FreX16.  I ran this every time I coiled for the months of September and October.  I saw minor improvements overall but was able to reduce my insulin from 21 units down to 16 units, which is good progress.  Another ELEMENT user suggested that it might be caused by a pathogen and gave me frequencies for that.  When I ran those, I had a herx reaction, so he may very well be right.  At this point, I still run the diabetes frequencies to maintain the slight gain I have had, but I have essentially put working on my diabetes on hold so I can plan around having the herx…’cause they’re not fun…but seriously, I can’t work the next day.


Restless Leg Syndrome:

For this I used “Stimulate, repair nerve damage 1 & 2” from Bruce Stenulson’s list.  Starting in March, I added it to the neuropathy frequencies whenever I ran them.  Still working on it but the current result is that I’m down from 900mg to 300mg of Gabapentin, the drug I take to combat the syndrome.



I have battled insomnia from time to time over the past decade.  It had been getting worse in the early part of last year.  A few months ago, I added it to a few of my other routines to see if it would work for me.  I started with FreX16 frequencies for “Insomnia” and really didn’t have much, if any, improvement.  Then I added “Sedation and pain relief” to run just before “Insomnia”.  Although I sometimes still have trouble sleeping, I do find I get better sleep when running these two sets together.



I’ve had bouts of depression from high school on.  I was diagnosed with “clinical depression” about 10 years ago.  Over the years, I have taken a few different things for it.  The only one that worked at all was Wellbutrin, but it was only minor improvement.  My father passed away in April of 2017 and then I had to move my mother to the Seattle area from Chicago in July of that year.  Without getting into the details, having to take on the role of care giver for my mother added to the issues that are always going on with my daughter and put me in a depressive state of about a 7, when 10 is the worst I’ve ever had…what I had after the third suicide within my siblings (there have now been 4).  Around April of 2018 I figured I had nothing to lose to try FreX16 frequencies.  I ran it for one session and have not had to run it since!



I had a fall four years ago that really screwed up my back and caused sciatica pain down both legs, although the most severe pain was on the left side.  Over the years I had two cortisone shots, a course of Prednisone (a steroid), two nerve root blocks, and physical therapy which included using a T.E.N.S. unit.  None of these things helped at all except one of the cortisone shots helped my right side a small amount.  I added “Sciatica 1 & 2” from FreX16 to my neuropathy routine early last year.  It is one of the frequency sets I ran most often…until June.  I have not had sciatica pain since then.  Three years of western medicine did nothing, a little over six months of PEMF took care of it.


Sever back pain:

The sciatica pain, combined with scoliosis and two bulging disks, plus a little arthritis in my hip, is what ultimately drove me to take opiates (before we had ever heard of PEMF).  I was on morphine, hydromorphone, and cyclobenzaprine for more than a year.  I was about as addicted as you can get, but at least I could function…something I was not able to do without them.  The first thing I explored when I got my ELEMENT was frequency sets for back pain.  It took a little experimenting to find what worked but, in the end, I was able to wean myself off of opiates within six months of having my machine.  If you have never had to take opiates, you might not know just how amazing this is.  My physiatrist told me that only 2% of people who start opiates ever get off of them…for the rest of their lives!  When I told him I was off the drugs, he told me, “You know, I’ll get credit for this, but I didn’t do anything that really worked.  It’s what you did.”


In closing, I would like to add that I usually run inflammation and blood circulation frequency sets with almost everything else I run.  If I put all of my issues on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being all of my combined issues when the year started, which was when I got my ELEMENT, I feel I am now at 3.  Still some work to do, mostly with getting my diabetes under control, or eliminated altogether, but overall, I would say I personally have had great success with PEMF.

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The Benefit of Separation…More Options

by Bob Bridges (Editor’s note added on 12-14-2018…please read)

There are a few basic ways to run a business…

  • Make a boat load of money by conning people with a smoke and mirrors product, or
  • Make a boat load of money by getting the government to mandate your product, or in some way make it difficult for your competition to survive, or
  • Make a very good living (and if done right, a boat load of money) by offering the market a really high-quality product that fulfills a need (or solves a problem) at a very reasonable price, or
  • Run as (or like) a non-profit to provide a lowest possible cost alternative.

Among the differences that brought about the separation of Larry Langdon (Sentient Light) and myself (Tiverton Audio)…co-developers of the original ELEMENT…is that Larry favored #3 while I favored #4.  Its just a difference of opinion on how to help the most people.  Larry’s preference of the #3 model allows enough margin to pay for a sales force and advertising to reach more people thereby helping more people.  Our preference to the #4 model may reach fewer people but gives people that are at the lowest point an opportunity they would not otherwise have.    Most of the wealthy people in the world and most of the great products we have to choose from come about by use of #3.  It’s the free market at its best and it is what has advanced humanity to the level we all enjoy today.  And it’s what has given a few of us the luxury of operating as a #4 type business.

Due to the separation, Larry has re-designed his version of the ELEMENT (which will be known going forward as the “Sentient Element”) into a travel case, added a couple of features, and raised the price to allow for a business structure that fits #3.  Nobody should fault him for this.  Nobody, given the idea and the willingness to work hard to create a real product that is competitive in the market would not want the same.  And the Sentient Element is a real product at a reasonable price compared to other PEMF devises.  At $3000 it is way less than the AmpCoil which has been degraded to mostly a #1 business format, or units like the PEMF8000 that is only 270 watts but sells for $12,000.  Even the Bemer, which only plays two frequencies and is very low power sells for $4200!  In my humble opinion, Larry could be selling the Sentient Element for $5000 to $6000 and still be a much better value than most other machines out there, so bringing this quality of a machine to the market for only $3000 is quite commendable.

By now, you must be asking yourself, “Why is Bob doing an article promoting what is now a competitor’s machine?”  It’s quite simple.  We remain firm in our desire to be a #4 type business and we don’t care about personal wealth.  From time to time we are approached by people who run clinics or would like to be a reseller a high quality PEMF machine to also make money offering such things to the marketplace.  We don’t want to cut our margins to the bone so that others can profit.  We want to pass our gift on to those in need who have been broken by the system or by disease itself.  We want to give directly to humanity at the level it is most needed.  With this in mind, I would encourage anyone who would like to become a reseller or anyone who is running or would like to run a clinic to go on over to Larry’s website (www.sentientlight.com) and check out his new Sentient Element.  For that matter, if you like a travel case style machine better and/or are in a financial position to afford a higher priced unit, you should also have an honest look at the new Sentient Element.  This would help free up our resources and time to continue to help those who are not so blessed financially.

In spite of our differences, Larry does know how to design a quality…and real…PEMF machine.  After all, he and I co-developed the original ELEMENT (now known as the ELEMENT by Tiverton Audio www.elementpemf.com) which also remains a quality…and real…PEMF machine.

EDITOR’S NOTE added on 12-14-2018: When this article was written, I had really hoped that Larry would do a great job with his customers and we could continue to send folks to him when his machine would be a better fit for their circumstances.  Unfortunately, in the intervening time Larry has shown this will not be the case.  Once again, Larry is arranging things so we work for him for free, as he has done throughout our entire relationship.  He has no customer service and his customers, once the purchase is done, find it very difficult to reach him…and when they do, he doesn’t answer their questions, tells people he is too busy to deal with them, is rude or even yells at them.  When one of his customers tried to get her machine that arrive damaged fixed she ultimately had to go through PayPal to force a return when he would not take care of the repair.  How do we know this?  Because many of our FaceBook group members are his customers that come looking for any help they can get because he doesn’t provide it.  We believe he purposely does this because he knows we will not turn anyone who needs our help away…he’s betting on a customer service department that he doesn’t have to pay for.  Others have complained that his output frequency meter does not match what their program says is being played.  If they don’t match one of them is wrong.  If it’s the meter it speaks of a poor quality part in Larry’s machine, if it’s the program it indicates Larry is recommending a poor quality program and then has no customer service to rectify the oversight.  Beyond all of the bad things we are hearing about his treatment of his own customers, he has publicly called me a thief and impostor.  This is absolutely not true and I have written about it in previous articles.  Because of all of this, we can no longer recommend purchasing Larry’s Sentient Element.

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Healing is Voltage — The Physics of Emotions

This video is a talk given by Dr. Jerry Tennant at the 2017 Electric Universe conference put on by the Thunderbolts Project (an organization we have written about).  Starting around the 22 minute mark, he talks about a devise that uses electromagnetic energy.  That’s PEMF!  At around the 35 minute mark he talks about Lyme.  We may be able to find insights to using the Tiverton Audio ELEMENT with the information from this video.

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Interesting video on big pharma

Well worth watching video by G. Edward Griffin on big pharma and how they control the medical industry.

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What frequencies do I need to use? (updated)

This is a re-post from earlier this year with added information and links.


PEMF frequencies break down into two basic groups, below 100Hz and above 100Hz.

Frequencies below 100Hz are referred to a “cell signaling” frequencies and will help with disease that originates from within the body (breakdown of normal body functions). They tell your cells to do things they would otherwise be doing naturally if your body systems were working optimally but for one reason or another are not.  This could be caused by many things such as compromised immune system, lack of proper diet, injury (such as a broken bone), environment, and so on.  Frequencies in this range can aid in improved blood circulation, better digestion, relieving inflammation, reducing pain, and the healing of body systems that are not damaged beyond healing.  For example, the FDA has approved the use of PEMF for bone healing.  The frequency used for this is 76.6Hz.  Although there are many cell signaling or healing frequencies above 100Hz, those are usually diseases that are a result of diminished proper body functions.  The most basic and general wellness ones are in the 100Hz and below range.

In the frequencies above 100Hz you find the “resonant frequencies” of pathogens. If you have disease that originated from outside the body (bacteria, viruses, or generally all pathogens), the only way PEMF will affect them is to use the frequency that matches their resonant frequency.  It causes them to vibrate to the point of destruction.  The resonant frequencies of virtually all pathogens are well above 100Hz.

The information above is general.  “Frequency sets” will have a combination of pathogen debilitating and cell signaling frequencies; metabolic disease and cell signaling frequencies; or all three.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which.

Here’s a link to our website resources page where you can find links to the CAFL and FreX16 download site (FreX16 has frequency sets pre-programmed in and is free to download):  https://www.elementpemf.com/faq-resources



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PEMF is just one part of the Electric Universe


by Bob Bridges

What I would like to share with you today is a little off the PEMF subject directly, but I personally find the subject to be really fascinating.  Once you have a look through the information, I believe you will see the same tie-in that I see to PEMF even though it will be on a grander scale.  I hope you will find it to be a fun and interesting sidebar and encourage you will take some time to explore the subject.  It will open your eyes to a larger picture and maybe even give you an “ah-ha” moment or two.

I will give you my recommendations on where to go to discover this subject in depth, but first let me set the stage with a few well known, but often little discussed facts:

  1. There is an electrical force and a magnetic force that go hand-in-hand.  One cannot exist without the other.
  2. The electromagnetic force is the strong force, being many orders of magnitude stronger than the gravitational force. This is why a relatively small magnet can pick up a heavy object despite earth’s gravitational pull on it.
  3. The universe is not mostly empty, rather, it is filled with gravitational forces and also with the electromagnetic force…and plasma.
  4. Everything in the universe vibrates, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy.
  5. Because everything vibrates, everything contains energy. Sometimes huge amounts of energy.
  6. All living things are electromagnetic systems.
  7. The gravitational and electromagnetic forces are faster than the speed of light. They are instantaneous across great distances.
  8. Water plays the most important role of any substance on earth, and throughout the universe.
  9. Matter has four phases…solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.
  10. Water also has four phases but the fourth is not exactly plasma.

With these things in mind, you can now begin your exploration of the electric universe here:  www.thunderbolts.info.

The Thunderbolts Project’s YouTube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvHqXK_Hz79tjqRosK4tWYA

A great place to start is with the section called, “Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric”.

Next, you can tie in our sun to the electric universe here: https://suspicious0bservers.org/

The Suspicious0bservers’ YouTube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTiL1q9YbrVam5nP2xzFTWQ

And finally, tie in water by searching “The Forth Phase of Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack”.  There are many talks in a wide array of forums Dr. Pollack has presented.  Also, a search on YouTube will provide many options.

I hope you find this subject matter as fascinating as I have!  Enjoy.

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Together, we can.


by Bob Bridges

We have a fair number of people following our blog…and we write articles that we hope will be of interest to them or be helpful in some way.  We can tell from the comments, likes, and shares, etc. when an article has done a good job.  The problem is we don’t always know ahead of time when that will occur.

That’s were we could really use your help.  We’d like to know what things all you folks out there in the audience want to read about, so we can provide what you want.

We would also like to expand the website (www.elementpemf.com) to include more valuable links, subject matter, tabs, etc.

So, rather than publish an article giving advice, we are seeking it.  If you have any ideas on subjects you would like us to cover, links to other sites you think would be valuable to others, have experienced success that can be reported for encouragement to others…or anything you can offer to help us improve the website or blog, we would really appreciate your taking some time to let us know.  Either in the comment section or by private message, email, or phone.  We want to build community.  You’re part of the community and your thoughts are worth hearing.

We thank you in advance for any help you can send our way.

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Walking arm in arm


By Bob Bridges

I’ve written in a recent article about a change in production, specifically that we will be limiting monthly production to 10 units.  I wrote that as much as I want to give the gift of Tiverton Audio ELEMENT PEMF machines at cost to humanity, I also didn’t want to kill myself doing it.  This is partly due to time constraints, but mostly due to the amount of weight that I must move around (several times) in the process of a build that can be taxing on my physical body…and I’m not getting any younger.

There are additional reasons in our setting a build limit that help us but really benefit the people for whom we are building the Tiverton Audio ELEMENT.  Most notable is the time this will allow us to work on a more personal level with each person.  As many can attest to, I have already been spending hours doing one-on-one tutorial sessions on FreX16 and Julie has spent untold hours doing research for particular situations, as well as posting article with great information.  Limiting the build to 10 frees up a significant amount of time that we can now devote to all of you, whether you have a Tiverton Audio ELEMENT or not.  As good as our client assistance has been, we will be able to step it up to even higher levels.

We are not clinicians, of course, so it would still be unethical for us to tell you what frequencies to run, for how long, how high a volume setting, or how often to have a session.  We simply can’t prescribe these things.  But we can help with research on your issue, give “general principle” directions, and help connect you to resources so you can determine for yourself the proper application of PEMF.

By limiting our build to 10 units, as we reach more people we will be able to speed up the turn around time for each build.  As soon as we have 10 people for a build, we can release the build to production, even if that’s within the first week of the month.  We will no longer have to wait until the end of a month to close the build.

We will also be able to spend more time making improvements to our website and blog.  We hope to add features that are interactive, like a forum, to give anyone who wants to participate practical information regarding what works, and what doesn’t, from other users just like you, who are going through the same issues as you.

All of this will help to build community…one thing we have done our best to do so far, and will be able to do even better in the future.  United by community, not holding your hand but walking arm in arm, we all benefit from everything that implies.  So, don’t be shy…click the contact us tab to find our phone numbers and hours we are available.





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Yes we can


Now that Sentient Light and Tiverton Audio have gone their own ways, were do we stand with delivering any product?  I cannot speak for Sentient Light although it is my understanding they have not found a manufacturer to produce the Sentient ELEMENT yet.  Tiverton Audio, on the other hand, is the manufacturer of the Tiverton Audio ELEMENT, so we are in full production and ready to take orders.

I would also like to let everyone know that we had someone have to back out of their unit last month due to financial issues so we have a unit that can ship immediately…first come, you know.  The unit we have ready to go has the quiet fan upgrade which normally costs $20.  We’re going to include that at no additional charge.

Contact information for ordering is on the Tiverton Audio ELEMENT website: http://www.elementpemf.com under the contact us tab.

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Announcing the New Tiverton Audio ELEMENT


by Bob Bridges

There have been a few changes that we’d like to tell you about.  We have made some advancements in the Tiverton Audio ELEMENT.   Most notable is our response to most people purchasing past ELEMENTS with two coils and a connecting box to be able to plug both in a once.  The new Tiverton Audio ELEMENT now has two coil connection jacks right on the face plate.  There is also an added switch that allows you to choose between one coil or two coils.  Another change to the face of the Tiverton Audio ELEMENT is there will no longer be two blue LEDs on the front.  Comments have been that they are too bright for sleeping.  The one that was on all the time is really unnecessary and has been confused with the unit being turned on.  The one that lit up when the unit is turned on was redundant to the power light that is already built into the chassis.   Our feeling is, if they didn’t bother you then you won’t care either way, but if they did bother you, you’ll be happy they’re gone.  We also added magnetic shielding inside the chassis that will keep the signal coming in from the laptop completely separated from the signal being sent out to the coils.

Even with the added features, the new Tiverton Audio ELEMENT will still be $1999 and will come with one coil.  The extra coil is $300.  Additionally, the original mission of providing the new Tiverton Audio ELEMENT will remain the same.  If you are not familiar with our mission, we encourage you to read it.  Our mission can be found here: https://www.elementpemf.com/about.

Another change we’ve decided to make is how many and for whom we will provide the new Tiverton Audio ELEMENT.  Our mission has always been to build high powered, high quality PEMF machines at cost as our gift to humanity.  We have to limit the number of units we build for people to 10 per month.  This mostly has to do with the fact that I personally build every machine start to finish…and I am not getting any younger.  I actually turn 65 tomorrow!  Giving a gift to humanity is my desire, killing myself doing it is not.  Because we will limit the number of units being built, and because we are building them at cost for those in need, we don’t feel it is appropriate to sell them to clinicians or anyone who would take our gift and make money with it.  If you are a clinician who gives free or very low-cost sessions for those in need, we can make an exception.  If you are a clinician who understands the new Tiverton Audio ELEMENT is the only affordable, and one of the few, machines on the market that has the power and frequency range to do the job, and are willing to invest in one that is not discounted to cost, we will do our best to accommodate you in a build.  We hope you understand.

By now, you are probably wondering why I keep referring to our machine as the “new Tiverton Audio ELEMENT”.  The answer to that has to do with the most significant change of all and is a bit complicated.  The first thing that needs to be understood is the fact that the ELEMENT was co-developed by two independent people and entities.  Larry Langdon (through Sentient Light) and myself, Bob Bridges (through Tiverton Audio) combined our talents to create the ELEMENT.  I provided the business plan to get the ELEMENT developed and launched after the both of us had been left without resources by AmpCoil (more on what happened there has already been written about).  Larry lined up more than half of the presales, and Julie provided the social media work that, in the end, put us in a position to act on my business plan.  Larry provided the design work for the amplifier system and the coil, including the internal resistor bank to offset some of the heat buildup the coil can have.  I provided the design work for the chassis structure, the low voltage circuit, the protection circuits and their LED indicators, as well as the cosmetic design.  Larry had the idea of adding a handle, I located one to use and made it work.  I suggested the connector (plug) for the coil which has been found to be not only a very solid connector but the best one to use.  It was my suggestion to use a computer case for the chassis as a way to provide a nice looking yet inexpensive housing for the components that would remain affordable.  I also provided all of the production design and developed all of the tooling needed to build the ELEMENT and for winding the coil.  I developed the cover for the coil and the lead wire with its connection to the coil.  I developed the packaging, the labels, and the owner’s manual…and gave the ELEMENT its name.  Most recently, it was my idea, my design, and my implementation of the two coil connection jacks being built into the chassis.  Julie and I developed the blog and I put together the ELEMENT website, both of which are neutral and don’t refer to the ELEMENT as a Sentient Light or Tiverton Audio product.   Julie and I wrote all of the copy for both sites.  Although not really a part of the design work, yet still an important part of running a successful business, from the beginning I have done all of the purchasing and accounting, while Julie has provided most of the customer service, including untold hours of specific research for particular people who had unusual situations.  And finally, I manufactured every single unit that has been built.  The fact of the matter is, I had more to do with the very existence of the ELEMENT than anyone.

Clearly, the role that I played in bringing the ELEMENT into existence goes well beyond a “co-developer”.  Equally clear should be that if there are any “rights” to the design, those rights are possessed by both parties, be it the individuals or their respective entities.

From the beginning, I had hoped to put together a successful business plan that would fulfill our mission while at the same time allow Larry to maintain his role as electrical engineer but also afford him the time to write his book.  It feels like an important piece that needs to be completed.  This is in part why I took on all the extra duties.  It was always also my intention to offer the ELEMENT as a non-entity specific product…a stand alone that just happened to be co-developed by two long standing companies.  Unfortunately, Larry has always presented the ELEMENT as a Sentient Light product and has downplayed my participation in it.   A look at the works of both, whether in writing, in video, or in site structure will confirm the mental position of each.  If there is going to be an ELEMENT that is represented as a Sentient Light product, then I have no choice but to also have the ELEMENT represented as a Tiverton Audio product.  Thus, the new Tiverton Audio ELEMENT.  If Larry cannot agree to work together as a single group with no company brand name applied to the ELEMENT, then he is saying there must be two ELEMENTs, because certainly I have played a large enough role for there to be something besides only the Sentient ELEMENT.  On another level, it’s about respect.  Representing the ELEMENT as a Sentient product is disrespectful of my role as co-developer.  I will not tolerate disrespect from one person to any other person, so why should I tolerate being disrespected personally?

With that, each will go his own way.  I wish him success with his Sentient ELEMENT.  Meanwhile, the new Tiverton Audio ELEMENT will continue to be available in accordance with our mission.









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